Devona is the longtime aspiration of Winemaker John Abbott and his wife, Molly. With this winery, and the addition of Oregon Pinot Noir to the cellar, we bring our winemaking career full circle from where our interest in wine first began at Oregon State University in the late 1980's.

The four varietals that we produce, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot are each special to us. We have been making wine for more than 25 years and have enjoyed a successful history with each of these varietals at different times in our career. Pinot Noir is the most recent addition to our collection, and it's like meeting up with an old friend.

If you have known our wines in the past, the style will be familiar to you. We continue to aim for precise, elegant, complex wines with finesse and balance that represent their growing region in a classic manner.

We are often asked what our favorite varietal might be, and it is difficult to choose just one. It can depend on the season and temperature outside, along with our mood and what we are cooking, or the simple desire to taste something new. We imagine it's the same at your house – you probably don’t choose the same wine each time you go to your cellar. The varietals we offer are those that we love and that alternate across our table and in front of our outside fire.

Our wines – offered through our mailing – list include:

Spring Releases:
Pinot Noir – Freedom Hill Vineyard, Oregon
Pinot Noir – Mount Richmond Vineyard, Oregon
Chardonnay – Celilo Vineyard, Washington
Chardonnay – Freedom Hill Vineyard, Oregon

Fall Releases:
Merlot – Dionysus Vineyard, Washington
Cabernet Sauvignon – Bacchus Vineyard, Washington
Cabernet Sauvignon – Champoux Vineyard, Washington (2020)
Artist Series Magnum